C++ Libraries

Implements a Proxy detection (WPAD) interface for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. Offers a GUI for manual proxy settings and automatic WPAD detection. The GUI is based on QT.

Updated 7 months ago

This library provides a simple and nice C++ wrapper around these libraries, so that programmers can concentrate on functionality. It offers general support for PCSC-lite, OpenSSL, PKCS#11, plus specific functionality for the SuisseID.

Updated 7 months ago

C++ class for reading and writing XML structures. No need for a C++ code parser or special pre compiler. Specify a schema entirly in native C++. The schema is verified when XML is read and exceptions are thrown when the XML to be parse is invalid.

Updated 7 months ago

C++ Library containing a lot of needful things: Stack Trace, Command Line Parser, Resource Handling, Configuration Files, Unix Command Execution, Directories, Regular Expressions, Tokenizer, Function Trace, Standard Extensions.

Updated 7 months ago

C++ Library for Neural Networks — Use libneuron to design neural networks with back propagation and evolution.

Updated 10 months ago

C++ matrix template classe for mathematics.

Updated 11 months ago